Doll Repair Parts, Doll Repair Supplies, Doll Wigs and Doll Eyes

Porcelain doll repair parts, supplies and doll wigs for modern and antique dolls. Several hundred porcelain doll heads, doll leg and doll arm styles to choose from. Your best chance of finding that replacement part for a broken doll is right here!!

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If you are repairing a doll, or creating a new one, check out our huge selection of porcelain doll parts! Modern Dolls, Antique and Vintage doll parts and doll wigs.

DOLL EYES - in glass and acrylic, oval and round.
DOLL EYELASHES - In many styles and colors.
PORCELAIN DOLL PARTS - Porcelain doll Arms, porcelain doll legs, porcelain doll heads ,.shoulder plates and porcelain doll bodies, many sizes, skin tones and styles. From hand poured to manufactured parts.
DOLL WIGS - modacrylic doll wigs, mohair doll wigs and human hair doll wigs, hundreds of doll wigs to choose from in sizes 4" - 16"
DOLL REPAIR SUPPLIES - such as doll stringing elastic and neck buttons.
DOLL CLOTHING AND DOLL SHOES - a great assortment in many styles and sizes including boots, skates, underwear, socks and more.
DOLL STANDS - In many sizes including wooden doll stands and metal doll stands for all sizes of dolls including barbie doll stands.

We offer a huge range of doll repair supplies, doll wigs and parts, however we do not do onsite repairs. We will be creating a list of reputable doll repair shops and artists. Please click here to sign up for your free listing, or to search for a doll repair shop in your area.